Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why so Afraid of RED???

Women who haven’t worn red lipstick before are usually very afraid to try such a bold colour. They either think that it doesn’t work for their skin tone, or it makes them look too ashy. However, anyone can rock red lips if these rules are kept in mind.

So, here is my guide to rocking a red lip:
  1. For makeup novice or people with mature skin, try a sheer red lipstick. In addition, avoid a lip liner underneath to get a very soft yet daring colour!
  2. For a more dramatic and bold look, start by applying a red lip liner and filling the rest with your favourite red lipstick
  3. Since red lipsticks or any bold colours tend to be messy, try a red lip stain rather than a lipstick. This gives a dramatic look without causing any mess. If you find lip stains dry, apply a clear lip balm or lip gloss over it for a more moistening feel
Once you have figured out what level of darkness you want to achieve, next step is to choose a red lipstick according to your undertone:
  • If you have yellow undertones, try an orange or coral based red lipsticks. I recommend the following:
    • MAC Cockney (sheer yellow red with multi-dimensional pearl -- lustre finish)
    • MAC Lady Danger (vivid bright coral-red  -- matte finish)
    • MAC Lady Bug (yellow-based -- lustre finish)
    • MAC So Chaud (intense reddish-orange -- matte finish)
  • If you have pink undertones than opt for a blue toned red lipstick. Here are my recommendations:
    • MAC Russian Red (intense bluish-red --matte finish)
    • MAC Ruby Woo (vivid blue-red -- matte finish)
    • MAC Red (vivid bright bluish-red -- satin finish)
Still think you can't pull off red lipstick? Read the following article "Why Red Lipstick Is More Important Than You Think." The article provides some tips towards the end on wearing red lipstick for makeup novice.

Hope you're feeling bold now!

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